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New Construction

Offering design and Installation of new in-ground swimming pools.


We can take that Old and Outdated pool and create a new and modern pool to update your homes outdoor living environment.


Homeowners and Realtors – we offer pool inspections for new home buyers and realtors for that added peace of mind.


We offer weekly or bi-weekly – worry free pool maintenance. Let us handle the chemicals and cleanings.

Why Should I Consider Getting a Custom Pool?

Oftentimes, the expectations for pools settle at monthly maintenance for a few months of fun in the summer. Allow us to submit another, much more accurate perspective on the matter.

Why would you own a swimming pool?

Here are just a few answers to that common question:

Physical Health: The full-body benefits of swimming laps are nearly unmatched by any other workout routine. You can completely transform your life with increased heart health, weight loss, and muscle building. On top of that, exercise in the water is low impact. It causes one-quarter of the strain on your body as opposed to regular exercise. Who doesn’t love that?

Custom Pool Builders in Franklin TN

More Benefits Of A Custom Pool

Mental Health: Did you know that time in the sun naturally encourages your body to produce serotonin? It’s a literal scientific fact that having a pool or spa that you spend time in will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, but it will also make you happier.

Better Sleep: After a long, stressful day, the pool is the perfect place to relax and let the tension melt off your body. As opposed to costly alternatives such as going to the movies, having a pool in the backyard provides easy access to cost-effective entertainment that helps you sleep better at night. While the lights from screens and busy city life heighten your brain activity and cause depression and anxiety, going for a swim has the opposite effect. It’s calming and serotonin-inducing.

Aesthetic: As well as all of the physical and mental benefits of owning and enjoying a pool in your backyard, there’s the aesthetic appeal. Even the barest of yards can be transformed into the perfect place for entertaining guests at a quiet dinner or throwing raucous parties. Versatility is just one of the delightful factors that draws homeowners from all over the world toward the idea of owning their own pool.

We Have the Skills and Experience to Make Your Vision a Reality

Our pool company is designed to help you achieve your dream. The entire project from start to finish is handled with the customers’ best interests at heart. It’s what sets our business apart. Not only do we work hard, but the people of Franklin TN are the priority.

We Handle The Permits

Having all the correct permits is critical to a job well done. They protect you, the homeowner from various liabilities, they ensure the inspection will go smoothly, and they ensure quality work. If the job is licensed and sanctioned by a professional, you can rest knowing that the work was done well.

Some pool companies require you to get the permits in order, but we handle all that for you. It’s our way of uncomplicating the process and making it a better experience for you, the customer.

We Help You Get The Best Value

A true professional is looking out for you. Consulting with someone within the industry you’re trying to work with can give you insight you might have otherwise missed out on.

Swimming pool contractors are already “in” so to speak. They know competitive prices for custom pools, they know what modifications are actually necessary, and they can even connect you with a company to help with landscaping, should that be necessary.

Giving us a call is the kind of research you can trust and we will help you get the best cost for your project.

We Get the Job Done on Time and Within Your Budget

Our Typical Timeline

  1. Contract signed, and deposit received.

  2. Pool shell ordered.

  3. Permit request submitted; timing dependent on local municipality.

  4. Once permits are complete, the pool is scheduled for shipment.

  5. Site excavation occurs (avg. timing: 1-2 days).

  6. Pool shell delivered and set in place, plumbing/electrical completed and equipment installed. Back fill around the shell

  7. and begin filling the pool with water. (avg. timing: 1-2 days)

  8. Allow ground around the pool to settle (avg. timing: 2 weeks).             

  9. After the ground has settled, a 4-foot pad of concrete will be poured around the pool (drying time: 1 day).

You can swim in your new pool in as quickly as 6 weeks, depending on the permitting process.

What are the Benefits of Fiberglass Pools?

Fibreglass is a fiber-reinforced polymer made of plastic matric and strengthened by fine fibers of glass. What that translates to for non-pool contractors is that fiberglass pools are built strong and ready for quick installation. The nature of fiberglass’s construction makes it lightweight and flexible but also extremely durable.

Fibreglass pools are the only kind of pool that comes ready from assembly straight from the factory. Since they’re constructed in this way, you can trust that they’re made of consistent and reliable quality. Another added benefit of their construction process is that it gives the top manufacturers the freedom to offer a wide variety of dimensions, colors, and styles to choose from.

Because of their strength, fiberglass pools do not usually have to be resurfaced or require major renovations. Their non-porous material is resistant to algae growth, which reduces the amount of money and time you’re spending maintaining the pool. As well as saving you money on maintenance, these pools require less chemicals to enjoy a clear pool, which is easier on your body.

Unlike a concrete pool, the surface of a fiberglass swimming pool is smooth and easy on the skin because of a special outer coating of get. This material won’t scuff up your feet every time you jump in.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Swimming Pool Contractors?

1. Professional Custom Pool Builders

We are dedicated to greatness and customer satisfaction is top on our priority list. We employ the best people suited for the job, then continue to ensure that they are well-trained in pool installation as well as up-to-date on all codes and requirements.

2. We Do The Digging in House

Since we do the digging for your in-ground pool, we’re cutting out the middle man. When you hire us, there’s no need to juggle all the details of multiple companies/workmen because we take care of it in-house. It’s another massive thing you don’t have to worry about.

3. Custom Fiberglass Swimming Pools

We offer a variety of options and excel at working with clients to achieve their custom dreams.


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