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New Construction

Offering design and Installation of new in-ground swimming pools.


We can take that Old and Outdated pool and create a new and modern pool to update your homes outdoor living environment.


Homeowners and Realtors – we offer pool inspections for new home buyers and realtors for that added peace of mind.


We offer weekly or bi-weekly – worry free pool maintenance. Let us handle the chemicals and cleanings.


Homeowners and Realtors – we offer pool inspections for new home buyers and realtors for that added peace of mind.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Dream Pool

Turn your backyard into a personal oasis with a custom-built swimming pool from Cool Breeze Pools. Our experienced professionals offer a wide range of pool shapes, sizes, and features to fit your budget and style. Fill out our form to request a free estimate and start creating your own backyard paradise today!

Custom Pool Builders in Lewisburg TN

Why Should I Consider Getting a Custom Swimming Pool?

With your own lovely inground swimming pool…you can have a mini vacation every day. Your own retreat from the stresses of the day, right in your own yard! You will have the opportunity to share your retreat with friends and family, making hosting a joy!

A swimming pool is a fun, efficient way to improve your health too. Few workouts are as effective for your whole body as swimming….combining fun and benefit is a win!

We Have the Skills and Experience to Make Your Vision a Reality

Planning and executing a major project is complicated but we can handle all the details for you at prices you can afford.

Our contractors are experienced in every aspect of a pool construction project…the planning, the landscaping, the permit process, and the complete finished project. And then they are available for help with maintenance and any concerns that you have.

We Handle The Permits

There are always regulations to follow, both in cities and in counties. We are experts in taking care of all the needed permits and doing all the work for you!

We Help You Get The Best Value

We help our customers by choosing the most affordable, best option for every aspect of the job. We know where to find the best deals on materials and make sure the right person is on the job.

What Are the Main Types of Pool Materials?

Before in-ground swimming pool construction begins, you have to know what material you want your new pool to be made of.

The most common types of pool material are concrete or gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Different pool materials serve their purposes well and are perfectly fine choices. The right one for you depends on your available space, budget, expectations, and lifestyle.

We Get the Job Done on Time and Within Your Budget

Our Typical Timeline

  1. Contract signed, and deposit received.

  2. Pool shell ordered.

  3. Permit request submitted; timing dependent on local municipality.

  4. Once permits are complete, the pool is scheduled for shipment.

  5. Site excavation occurs (avg. timing: 1-2 days).

  6. Pool shell delivered and set in place, plumbing/electrical completed and equipment installed. Back fill around the shell

  7. and begin filling the pool with water. (avg. timing: 1-2 days)

  8. Allow ground around the pool to settle (avg. timing: 2 weeks).             

  9. After the ground has settled, a 4-foot pad of concrete will be poured around the pool (drying time: 1 day).

You can swim in your new pool in as quickly as 6 weeks, depending on the permitting process.

What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass is super tiny strands of glass woven together and combined with plastic. Fiberglass pools are manufactured in the factory and delivered ready to install, having undergone rigorous quality oversight to make sure you get a premium product.

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

The qualities of fiberglass make it a really great investment compared to other types of pools.

It is lightweight and flexible, making it super durable. Unlike gunite and concrete pools, which need resurfacing every 7-10 years, your fiberglass pool needs almost no maintenance. Your fiber glass pool will likely never need painting or repair.

Fiberglass pools are non-porous and resistant to algae. This reduces the amount and number of chemicals and time needed to maintain your pool.

fiberglass pools come in a huge variety of dimensions, styles, and colors for you to consider when you are planning your investment.

Your beautiful fiberglass pool is not only a delight in your life and entertaining, but it will also add value to your home and be an investment you are glad to have made for many years to come.

Investing in a Pool vs. Investing in a Hot Tub

How can you decide whether to invest in a pool or in a hot tub or both?

Similarly to pools, there are several types of hot tubs, with different advantages and disadvantages. In-ground hot tubs are the most expensive, the least maintenance, and the most added value to your property. Above-ground hot tubs are less expensive, but also less long-lasting, and more needy of regualr service. Above ground hot tubs come in a variety of prices and qualities, all the way from sturdy to inflatable.

Hot tubs are typically useable all year round, with proper care and maintenance. Even when your pool isn’t available due to cold weather, you can still enjoy your bakyard hot tub. Hot tubs are not as universal in usage, for example, children and pregnant women can freely enjoy a swimming pool, but a hot tub has safety restrictions for them.

We are the experts, offering many options for inground fiberglass spas, with the same professional service and skilled contractors as inground pools.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Lewisburg Pool Builder

Here in Lewisburg TN, we are the place to go for your pool and spa needs. We offer financing and accept major credit cards in our effort to help you accomplish your project goals. Our services in Lewisburg include building and maintaining your pool and spa, landscape design and execution, retaining walls, fire and water features, outdoor lighting, and fencing. Why spend time trying to choose a different contractor for every task, when you can have the ease and benefit of hiring one all inlusive professional contractor to meet every need?

1. Professional Custom Swimming Pool Builders

Building the pool oasis of your dreams is what we do best! We can navigate all the details, scheduling, and organizing of the many moving pieces of a big project. Our company wants to help you keep your costs down and your satisfaction high.

Avoiding mistakes, scheduling conflicts, and overlooked details makes a smooth process when we install your pool. We are available close to home for every communication need you have…just a phone call or a short drive away. When you hire our licensed, expert contractors, you can trust that no detail will be passed over, saving you a lot of stress.

2. We Do The Digging in House

One of the things that gives us the ability to give you a very accurate time estimate on your project, is that we do our own digging. With our own equipment and operators, we are equipped to schedule everything to the best advantage for our project and we are not forced to wait on anyone else’s availability. This lets us get started and get digging in a timely manner!

3. Custom Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Now that you know many of the wonderful benefits of having our professional team construct a new fiberglass in-ground pool, transforming your outdoor space, you can make the call and let our employees get your dream pool started!

You will enjoy the social, financial, and health benefits of your custom fiberglass swimming pool for many years to come, with the added confidence that your Lewisburg team is here to be involved in the care and maintenance of your investment.


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