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New Construction

Offering design and Installation of new in-ground swimming pools.


We can take that Old and Outdated pool and create a new and modern pool to update your homes outdoor living environment.


Homeowners and Realtors – we offer pool inspections for new home buyers and realtors for that added peace of mind.


We offer weekly or bi-weekly – worry free pool maintenance. Let us handle the chemicals and cleanings.

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Turn your backyard into a personal oasis with a custom-built swimming pool from Cool Breeze Pools. Our experienced professionals offer a wide range of pool shapes, sizes, and features to fit your budget and style. Fill out our form to request a free estimate and start creating your own backyard paradise today!

Custom Pool Builders in Spring Hill, TN

Why Should I Consider Getting a Custom Swimming Pool?

What if you could improve your physical and mental health from the comfort of your backyard? Most of us would jump at the opportunity. Listen below are some of the key benefits of owning a pool.

Physical Health

  • Swimming is excellent exercise: While you’re having the time of your life playing with the kids or your pet, you are strengthening your body at a rapid pace.
  • Prevent and/or treat injuries: Aqua therapy is an actual technique used by physical therapists because of how low impact it is. Doing aqua therapy with foam weights has one-quarter of the impact on your body as opposed to regular therapy. Not only can you treat an injury with this method, but you can also prevent them by keeping your body strong and stretched out.
  • Sleep better: Swimming just before bed is proven to help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep.

Mental Health

  • Serotonin boost: Being in the sun is one of the most effective and natural ways to encourage your brain to produce serotonin. Spending time in the pool literally causes a reaction to occur in your brain that makes you happy!
  • Stress relief: Aside from serotonin, going for a swim relaxes your body and your mind. Swimming laps encourages you to set aside all the worries of the day and focus on what’s before you.
  • Quality time with the family: It’s time to turn off the phones and bond. Even if your family consists of only you and your partner or you and your dog, spending time together strengthens the bonds between you. Having those healthy relationships built off of time together is incredibly productive for producing more joy and contentment.
  • Aesthetic: Yes, you read that right. “Aesthetic” goes in the mental health category. There is nothing quite like walking out your back door to the crystal-clear pool of your dreams. Think of the scene you could enjoy in the evening. The landscaping is pristine, the lights you’ve strung up add just the right amount of warmth to the outdoor space, and there are birds singing their farewells to the sun. Who wouldn’t take a deep breath and feel calmed by such a moment?

We Have the Skills and Experience to Make Your Vision a Reality

Our company is dedicated to the entire process. When we provide service to you, our client, you can expect nothing short of highly trained professionals working at pique efficiency and with a desire to realize your dreams.

We Handle The Permits

There are enough concerns on the client’s mind that we shoulder what burden we can. There are many permits and licenses necessary to obtain before moving forward with pool construction. Our swimming pool contractors are adept at fulfilling all the requirements before beginning any other step. It ensures that they are dedicated to turning out quality work and prevents any issues from arriving later on.

We Help You Get The Best Value

When you work with us, you can be sure you’re getting the best value in Spring Hill, TN. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, you can be confident we will work with you to get the most out of your budget.

We Get the Job Done on Time and Within Your Budget

Our Typical Timeline

  1. Contract signed, and deposit received.

  2. Pool shell ordered.

  3. Permit request submitted; timing dependent on local municipality.

  4. Once permits are complete, the pool is scheduled for shipment.

  5. Site excavation occurs (avg. timing: 1-2 days).

  6. Pool shell delivered and set in place, plumbing/electrical completed and equipment installed. Back fill around the shell

  7. and begin filling the pool with water. (avg. timing: 1-2 days)

  8. Allow ground around the pool to settle (avg. timing: 2 weeks).             

  9. After the ground has settled, a 4-foot pad of concrete will be poured around the pool (drying time: 1 day).

You can swim in your new pool in as quickly as 6 weeks, depending on the permitting process.

What is a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

The material is a fiber-reinforced polymer made of plastic matric and strengthened by fine, glass fibers. What does that mean for those of us who are not swimming pool builders?

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

1. Construction

Though fiberglass is lightweight, it is strong and durable. This makes it a very popular choice for custom pools.

2. Pre-made

This is the only kind of pool that comes pre-assembled from the factory. Since they are pre-made, you can rest assured of consistency and quality. Being created as they are, mistakes are very uncommon.

3. Variety

Since they are pre-assembled, top manufacturers are able to offer a wide variety of dimensions, styles, and colors for you to choose from.

4. Maintenance

Fiberglass pools are coated with a non-porous gel that does not allow algae to grow. This means you don’t have to use as many chemicals to keep the bacteria away, and you have to clean less frequently.

5. Size

Fiberglass pools are typically smaller in size, which means they utilize less power than the other pool types.


Why Should You Choose Us?

1. Professional Custom Swimming Pool Builders

Having a professional pool builder work on your project is essential. You need to be confident that the final project will be exactly what you’re after.

Our company hires only the best so that our clients never have to worry about the caliber of their team.

2. We Do The Digging in House With Our Swimming Pool Contractors

Pool construction can be a tricky business to navigate. Some jobs have the homeowner working with multiple companies, trying to juggle permits and phone numbers, and pulling the hair out of their heads. Here at Cool Breeze Pools, we want to simplify your part, not complicate it. Doing the digging is just one of our services that protect our customers from the stressful hassle.

3. Custom Fiberglass Swimming Pools

We work with you, not against you. Our goal is to achieve your dream custom pool with whatever customizations you’re after, at minimum cost, which as little stress as possible.

Give us a call today for a free consultation.


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